CHRISTMAS ISLAND - Kiritimati - October to April


Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island is the watermans' dream with a world class fishery on our doorstep.
Our pure translucent waters are abundant with marine life, and our virgin reefs are pristine.
The rich ocean teems with fish and frenzied boil-ups, huge bait-balls, jumping dolphins, and schools of tuna can be seen from our white sandy shores.
Christmas Island is the watermans' heaven!

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

Snorkeling & Spear Fishing

Being the largest coral atoll in the world, we are encompassed by a rich and colourful reef which offers superb snorkeling. Many large trophy fish can be hunted, and the fish aren't shy!

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

Game Fishing

The reef drops off close to the shore which means many blue water fish species come in very close.
This includes barracuda, yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, giant trevaly, and billfish.
Catching one of these beasts is guaranteed to get the heart pumping and adrenalin flowing!

Fly Fishing

Bonefish, the sleek occupants of the flats, can attain speeds above 20 miles per hour.
Although Christmas Island has gained the reputation as a small bonefish destination, it is not uncommon to take bones in the 6-8 pound range weekly with ample opportunity for double-digit fish.

Christmas Island provides a change of pace with its several species of trevally, some of which can run over 100 pounds. More commonly are the 5 to 50 pound size that will demonstrate an impressive surface strike on a wide variety of streamers and surface poppers. The tug-of-war with a trevally will leave your forearms sore and a smile on your face. Don't be surprised if you catch a few other species as well. Queen fish, black-tipped sharks, snapper, barracuda, goat fish and more are known to frequent the flats.

If you like light-tackle action in a marvelous warm-weather climate, this is the place to find it!

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