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We have been operating in the North Sumatra area for 7 years and will get you to some of the best waves Indonesia has to offer.
There are a variety of waves from heavy heart-pumping barrels to put the wind up hardened Indo addicts to less intense peeling indo perfection that every surfer has dreamed of.

The Banyak Islands offer most of these waves within less than 2hrs from your main anchorage-maximising your surf time, eliminating uncomfortable, tiring all night motoring therefore ensuring you have a great sleep and awake refreshed ready to attack your next day of waves.

You will be amongst beautiful untouched and uninhabited dense natural rainforest and palm fringed islands offering more than a dozen waves.

Banyak Islands Indonesia

Here’s a brief description of the waves in the area:

TREASURE ISLAND - Known to be one of the best right-hand point breaks in Indo, consistently offering up to four mesmerizing barrels a wave with a nice almond-shaped ripable face. This is one of the jewels in the crown of sheer Indo perfection running a few hundred yards down a perfectly shaped reef. Always a favorite amongst guests as it satisfies all abilities. A taste of “Treasures” has you hooked for years to come.

INDIES 1&2 -“Indies” get their names as being the outside breaks and indicators for “Treasures”. These two waves are for the experienced only and produce heart-pumping barrels over shallow reef. The bigger the swell the better!

MINI’S - Located deep in the bay “Mini’s” is a playful right which peaks up offering a short barrel and workable face which starts working on larger swells as it picks up half the swell of Treasure Island.

GORILLAS - An untamed right-hand beast that is rarely surfed and will sort out anyone’s ego. If you are keen- make sure you pack your peanuts!

COBRA - A world-class left-hander which can produce an epic 8-10 second barrel or nice ripable face depending on swell direction. Cobra’s clean blue lines peel down the reef into a channel, which can provide a perfect photo opportunity.

WARREN’S - A fun right-hand peak opposite Cobra’s breaking over a combination of reef and sand which can finish on the beautiful white sandy beach.

TURTLES - A fun, playful left-hand peak which peels along finishing on the beautiful white sandy beach. A great take-off and workable wall which depending on swell direction can produce a nice barrel also.

CLARETS - A beautiful long left-hand point which peels down the line offering a perfect open workable face. You will be able to perfect your big carving turns or hunt out the inside barrels.

JOYSTICK RIGHTS - A super fun right-hand peak which produces a perfect barrel on the take-off going into a nice wall for some turns. If you have enough speed you can link up into the inside bowl for a nice long ride.

TOYTOWN LEFTS - A perfectly shaped peeling left located deep in the bay which starts to work on larger swells. You can cruise down the line or hit the lip over and over again.

THE PIG - A deep water right-hand break exposed to all possible swell. Rarely below head-high and will give you some exhilarating drops and big open faces.

MIGILA’S - Located inside of “The Pig”, Migila’s is a right-hand peak with a short perfect barrel on take-off and peels off slowly to the beach.

LIZARDS NEST - Somewhat fickle but if the conditions come together you will experience one of the best waves in Indo. Known to produce a magic 10-second barrel and any of those who have seen or surfed it are simply awe-struck! Banyak Islands Indonesia

You can join our crew of experienced surfers for your next surfing adventure in the Banyak Islands, North Sumatra and Indonesia’s last surfing frontier. You will surf world-class waves in remote island locations only accessible by boat.
Because the Banyak Islands are located just 2 degrees above the equator you do not experience trade winds, giving you more clean glassy days!

We have the experience and local knowledge to get you to the best possible waves as quickly as possible in our 50’ motor-cruiser in complete safety.

Your Skipper Mick Butt from Kirra, Australia has surfed the many islands of North Sumatra for years and knows where to go depending on swell, wind, weather and season. The boat carries just 6 passengers (not 8-10 like most) so you will get more waves and form good friendships.

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